Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A pair of strange things heard around the Homestead

The Mrs, speaking to Sarah:

"You little girl, need to go into the living room and help put Jesus back together."

The Mrs in a phone conversation with me, which starts with:

"You need to talk to my mother about your penis."

I swear, I'm not making this up.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Totally Uncalled for

If you follow the link over to merrymom/blessedmomx3 or whatever she's calling herself this month(*grin*):

I can say I've successfully told that joke 6-7 times so far. Including my 2 out of 3 brothers, one of their friends, our 14 year old nephew, a 16 year old female cousin, and the prized one of all, an 11 year old girl, a friend of the family. In front of her mother, who laughed hysterically. And said the following:

"See. See what happens when you annoy him? He's got 3 brothers and 20 years of picking on them. Your just a girl......."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nothing as ego boosting as

Having your daughter at workfor 6 hours, and then you get a cutsomer with two slightly older girls, and yours comes over and askes if she can do some work too,a nd starts humming and dusting with a mit, and the customer turns and says "she's HOW old? She's more well behaved then my two.....their bouncing off the walls in 5 minutes...."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sarah round up!

Apparently, despite being my daughter, Sarah filled all 20 of her "being good" cards at preschool already. Apparent she'd have had it earlier if she didn't miss a day and wasn't naughty one day. So despite(or maybe inspite) of me rubbing off on her, she good in school.

She went with her mommy and aunt to see little feet, that new penguin movie. In one seen, a scary walrus is chasing the penguin, and Sarah, curled up on her mother's lap asked her mom "is he going to make him dead mommy?"

Mom's reply is "no honey, the penguin will escape."

Sarah's response is: "No mommy, is the penguin going to make the walrus dead, so he'll stop chasing him."

apparently she has this dead concept down pretty good. Whether its a good thing or bad thing, remains to be seen.

This morning, Sarah comes up to me and says: "daddy, you need to bow to me."

I ask why.

"Because *I'm* a princess daddy."

Cant argue with that. So I did.

Then she curtsy in response.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The problem with being a smartass

Is that it rubs off on the younger generation.

Last night we had one of the family friends over, who Sarah adores. She's 11, but Sarah just looks up to her.

So over dinner, the usual round of picking on goes on, where as I was picking on the 11 year old....And Sarah blurts out the follow

"Hey, leave her alone, butthead."

I had to leave the table laughing......

Monday, November 13, 2006

Why am I the one?

That has to explain women body parts to Sarah?

Tonight at bath, Sarah askes "Why does mommy have boobies?"

Because she's a big girl.

"So when I'm bigger, I'll have them?" is Sarah's response.

Yes, when you bigger.

"Like 4 or 5?"

*snort* No honey, more like 12.

"Hey maybe at 10" exclaims Sarah.

Dont be in such a rush there kiddo...and maybe you should talk to your mother about the girl parts.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm a bad bad man.....

I tried. I truly did. But its like a disease or an addiction. I just cant help it.

Crawling into bed last night, the Mrs says "I'm losing my voice. Why am I losing my voice."

At that point I just said "its because your sick."

But since she asked again, "why am I losing my voice.....?"

To which, It just blurts out "'Cause God likes me?"

Yes yes, I apologized after, but I cant help it. Smartass remarks just roll right out on their own.....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sarah at work(and play)

In case your wondering, yes she is playing an over 100 year old pump works just as well today as it did in the late 1800's......

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mixing work and fun

Raking leaves, which is a drag. So daddy, mommy and sarah had some fun....Daddy of course, took her picnic table, held her slide on it and sent her down into the leaves. Just jumping in isnt enough....

Disney Stores are just evil.

Seriously. If your raising girls, NEVER go there. You'll end up morgaging the house to buy all the cute stuff that's there.

We dropped off Sarah at a parents survival night(IE- you drop the kid off, they watch and feed her) at Kim's work. 2 and 1/2 hours of freedom for cheaper than a babysitter.

So we go out to dinner, eat a hot meal, and then wander the mall. And then the Mrs had to go to the Disney store to see if they had the Ariel jacket that she saw one kid at her work had(Ariel, in case you don't know is Sarah's FAVORITE princess, even before she saw the Little Mermaid).

Gods, there are TOO MANY cute things there. Seriously. Managed to drag the Mrs out with only spending $35(Ariel pajamas and plate/bowl/silverwear Ariel set).....Good thing the Ariel pants were not in Sarah's size, and the jackets weren't in stock. Otherwise we would have been in trouble.

Disney stores are evil. Stay away.......

Saturday, November 04, 2006

*Sigh* Some days even I'm a sucker

Some days, I'm just a sucker. At the local teacher store, they have these sweet GOOD wooden toys along with teacher supplies. They had a wooden high chair on sale, and she loved playing with it there......So $30 later...And some assembly, you have one happy kid.....