Saturday, February 16, 2008

Little monster

Whoever said boys and girls are different wasnt kidding. Christopher is a little monster.

His temperment is WAY different from sarah's. She was fairly even tempered. Christopher? Has a temper. From teh day he was born the nurses said he has a temper and he shows it. He misses his mommy....when she's gone for a bit and comes home? Screams and cries the moment he sees her till Kim picks him up.

Doesnt like something? Lets it be known. Loudly.

He's now mobile. But only on his terms. He HATES his stomach. So he lies on his back, arches his body with his stomach in the air and shoves his feet and scoots.

And today? Sarah wouldnt listen so she went to time out....and she's crying and whining in time out and we're ignoring her. Except Christopher. Who is LAUGHING at her. You can clearly see thats what he's doing....

He's a monster.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Daddy parenting. Lately sarah's been getting a bit tougher to deal with...guess thats that getting older thing.

Right now its that "I'm scared" every night at bed time. So.....when she hears a noise, daddy comes into the bedroom and sits down and explains what the noise is. Even if I have no idea, I make stuff up. Like that noise you hear above you, on the attic or roof? Baby squirels giving each other piggy back rides.....most of the time I know what it is, but if I dont? Make stuff up.....:D

School.....sarah's doing well. Had an incident on the bus, a BOY(man boys are bad), was telling her about something and blood coming out of their eyes and other stuff.....what the heck are his parents doing? Letting him watch stuff like that.

So the mrs calls the school. And the principal(who does rock), had her point out the boy, took them both to the office and sat them down and had a talk. The boy eventually confessed, and was made to apologize...and sarah said "thats ok", to which the principal said "no sarah, thats not ok. When some one says things you dont like you have to use your strong woman voice and tell them no."

Christopher? He's fine. a comlpete boy, if you know what I mean. Finally is rolling over BOTH ways.....

Saturday, February 09, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished.

Sarah and I went for a walk yesterday. Just daddy and daughter....we needed a pencil sharpener for her work, so we stopped in Rite Aide...and of course she asked for stuff and I said no.

More asking and I said no....but I said you could pick out a toy for Christopher. Because you know, he's new and hasnt gotten alot of presents. She liked that idea.

Lots of toys to choose form but we settled on a plushie loking calculator with a mirror type surface that he can look in, and press the buttons and it makes noises. SO we get home and open it and give it to him and he likes the mirror and we press the buttons....

And he cries and screams.

Thinking he had gas or something we try again. He cries and screams.....a third time confirms it.....

He hates the toy. It makes him cry.....