Friday, September 29, 2006

Didnt you know what today's national holiday is?

Its my birthday!

*does a dance*

So far the Mrs and wee one woke me up and I got a batman hover disc! Do they know me or what.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

First the good: as you see, a couple moving blankets, a portable DVD player, and a organ speaker box to the left, and you have one content kid at work.

And of course, th eother good is the Mrs. We've had some ups and downs, but last few weeks have been wonderful. Thanks love.

Now the Bad: Still no home computer, yet, or at least the permenant one yet till Sunday, so bear with me, I'll be my snarky self here and invading YOUR blogs shortly.....I know you miss me..

And then the Ugly: I'm thinking Attila was right: kids today are just *bleeping* stupid.I'm not kidding. Her kids stories and hell even the dig the dead girl up story I'm not sure compares to my brother.

There are 4 boys in the family. I'm the oldest. Then there is my "little" brother who's 2 years younger at 32. Then a large gap, to the 20 year old(we'll call him Moron), then the baby, who's 15.

15 year old is a bit weird, but he's a good egg......Moron on the other hand, I dont know. He's not evil, but he's stupid(and thats not to say he's not smart, he's just STUPID).

He's a screwup, a loser, and a moron. Nice person, but doesnt change the first three things. So why and I ranting? After numerous chances to straighten up and fly right, right now he's in lock up. WHY, do you ask? becuase he got caught stealing DVD's and fighting to get away from the clerk. Now let me say, his reasoning was, because he was bored and did it at 3-4am in the morning at a truck stop. He didnt do it once, no, he came back TWICE more and the third time the clerk caught him.....fucking idiot. Especially since the only reason he did so was he was bored.

Of course my parents are well, worried, their parents. But you know what? I'm just pissed off. Every time he screws up, the splatter catches everyone else. In life you get 2 choices, you can eitehr walk with the angels, or not. He choose not. I cant feel any sympathy for him. HIS stupidity now effects my parents(who may or may not post bail. in a real switch, mom is standing firm and dad is wavering), his younger brother, me and mine, goes on and on.

I keep telling dad, you cant help someone who doesnt want to help themselves. I have no sympathy for him. I'm more pissed off at him, and whether my parents like it or not, I'm seriously considering just writing him off.

I cant count the number of chances he's had and he just messes them up. Dad enroleld him in school, he blew it up(community college, ONE class, failed or didnt show), work you name it. I'm tired of listening about him and him either "doing better" or pissing dad off with him either not getting up for work or whatever. I'm tired of it.

Bah. This morning dad and I got into a pissing match and yelling at each other, with me storming off with yelling at him F off, and drop dead. Upset my mother and dad eventually apologized, this isnt normal, and doesnt happen. And its all related to moron's actions.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I know, I know

I'm slacking. Between the home computer having problems and upgrades and not around and the work computer NOT liking blogspot and uploading stuff......

I'll be back shortly.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So yesterday was Sarah's First day of pre-school

Yesterday was sarah's first day of preschool. The very first day she went to school. She was SO excited. The night before, Sarah went right to sleep, because she didnt want to miss school....she got up right away and got dressed. She goes 3 days a week. With her best friend.

Of course, I have no idea what she did there. Everytime I ask her, she says "you have to guess what I did."
(And yes, those are pink converse all stars she's wearing on her feet.)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Storybook land

I cant say enough good things about it. It was great! Its not too expensive($18 per person, including kid), but thats it. One price takes care of everything. Its a place that basically is for the little ones. If you are 36 inches tall, you can ride almost all the rides on their own......

The place has all those wonderful stories in older animatronic forms, or in buildings or such. Alice in wonderland, Little Red ridinghood. Old woman in a name it. We hope to go back in late November, as Santa comes, and the have 500,000 lights that light up the place, and Santa and the kids count, and he waves his wand and they lightup.....

(thats suppose to be a whale's mouth, the white is blurred out of the picture.)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Intermission photo

Sarah INSISTED on wanting to play supergirl tonight, with a cap. Who am I to argue? Although carrying her horizontal up and down the stairs is tiring.

The Vacation Story

It all starts the night before we leave. We pack the car to get an early start.

Of course the check engine light comes on. Since we dont know what it is, we take it in early, and they say its just a sensor. It may or may not be bad. So off we go.....

To our dealership. So its the interior and exterior thingy sensor, that regulates gears. It drops into wimp mode, so you cant drive above 2nd gear. I will say this, however. This dealership rocks! Suresky in Goshen has EXCELLENT service, which is why my parents, brother and I all bought cars there. So 2 hour delay, some time on the slide inside, and some cheese doodles, and we're back on the road.

Oh, and our extended warranty covered it. So $54 instead of $400......

So we arrived. A bit cool, due to Ernesto coming in. But that doesnt stop us from having some fun. Like race cars and frog bog:

But Alas, like all good things, poop happens. Like the Hurricane that came through. It washed a shed away(till the backhoe got it to safety):

Did I mention the storm was so bad, that the building we were in lost power, something that had not happened it something like 20-30 years? It wrecked friends of the family's jet skis on the docks(as well as the docks). What ever the news said for lower NJ, they lied(they said 20 MPH winds with gusts of 50. No it was like winds of 50mhp, with gusts higher).

We did of course go outside the building. Even played games of "hey sarah, can you walk to mommy or daddy in the wind?"

Then it blew itself out, and fun began anew:

Near the tail end of the vacation, we ended up at Storybook land.....which, REALLY deserves its own post, which I'll do tomorrow. But I'll say this much: if you have small children, and one near you, GO!