Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ooops, I think the Mrs is going to a be a bit unhappy

With the way I was teaching sarah how to play doll house. SHe has this nice doll house that has talking sounds, and 2 barbie dolls......so we're playing and I had sarah in stitches playing with 2 dolls, one smacking the otehr and throwing her out the house. When I left her alone, she was laughing hysterically and making little noises like "get out of my house you crzay lady" and having one doll throw the other out the door.


Monday, February 27, 2006


I swear. If woman are to be allowed to drive, they need to have some sort of direction sense installed in them. Or else stay in the kitchen, for men's sanity in the least.

The only way I can make this easier is to tie a rope around her and lead her myself. Or drive.

The mrs calls and tells me to meet her at teh peds office, sarah might have strep. Fine. And she needs directions. Fine.

But when I tell you its one light up from the street we go romantic walks on, teh street you KNOW well, how in the gods hell do you end up 2 miles away? And then have the gall to call and complain. AND refuse to listen to directions or yell at me for coming out to stand on the corner to flag you down?


And yes, sarah has strep throat. Showing no signs, acting normal, but yes strep. ugh.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The right way, the wrong way, the family way

Thats the family motto, BTW, past on from father to son. I kid you not. Subsitute my last name for the family word, although UI'd rather not post it.

There's the right way to do something, the wrong way to do something, then our way of doing things.

Like today.

Had to install a on/off switch into a electronic instrument. Its soddered in, so its clip, then solder it back in. Done improperly, you could screw it up. THen there is our way.

Since we didnt have a soldering gun, we did it the family motto way: picture a small switch, small wires. A nice soldering gun would have been handy, right? We used a blow torch.and managed to do it without melting the swtich, or teh wires.

Welcome to my world.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Snarked again

mommy made pizza muffins for the two of us, sarah has fruit and soup on a snack tray in the living room.

Mommy askes "Can I share your tray with you?"

Sarah "No. Your germs will contaminate my food."

*sigh* You teacher types are SO in trouble in a few years.

Monday, February 20, 2006

And now, equal opportunity snark

Just so you dont think sarah gets ALL her snark from her father.

Sitting around the dinner table, discussing that a package is coming to the house for sarah, teh Mrs holds up her hands, smirks and askes:

"Which one of your women is it? I cant keep track of your girlfirends...."

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A little cowgirl

A dear friend came through with a request from my wife and made two ladies evry happy.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Makes a parent's heart swell with pride

Nothing makes a parent's heart swell with pride than when you come home witha handful of used children's books, when your kids drops what she's doing or watching, jumps up and down and exclaims, "are those for me? I loooovveee books" and proceeds to read them.

(or in her case, looks at the pictures and makes up her own stories.)

More incorrect things to not say to your wife

I informed the mrs a certain someone was sending sarah cowgirl hat and horses.

Mrs: "what do you do that women send you stuff?"

Me: "what, you didnt really think I went gaming Wensday nights did you?"

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ooops. Things not to wise crack on

Wife: "How does my butt look?"

Me:" Not sure, but its blocking out the entire TV picture, which is impressive....."

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fashion critic

Sarah was over grandma's yesterday, as daddy and mommy both had to work Tuesday. So her unlce nick comes home from high school, long hair and typical baggy and ripped jeans and such clothing.

Sarah turns to him as he comes in, cocks her head, and remarks to her uncle, "Uncle Nick, your clothes are broken."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chip off the old block

Someone likes books, alot. Look who I caught in the Library:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the greater good prevail again

My oppopnent wanted to play 3000 pts. I keep telling him the more points he gives me, the more guns I have. *sigh* so we played.

He set the table up, more terran this time, nice village setting.

Game: Alpha secure and control. 15" deployment, no unit within 24" NO special rules. The objective was to have the most scoring units. I had strated with 15, he with 11.



command squand in landraider
3 rhino squads
2 foot squads
maxed assualt squad
maxed bike squad
6 man dev squad with Hbolters and razorback
maxed scout squad


Commander with 2 guys, all with fusion/plamsa

2 helios squads of 3, fusion, plasma multitracker, bonded
stealth squad, bonded

5 fire warrior squads
17 man kroot squad

2 drone squads
1 patherfinder squad with 4 seekers

3 broadsides with generators
3 broadsides with generators

What happened:

Game was over by turn 4. Bad deployement killed him. Let me explain.

I deployed them hammerhead middle left, which would force him to my far right, or a small patch in the left hand corner. He instead places the ladraider 24" away in teh center. Which gives me the opportunity to place a unit of broadsides center left. WHich pretty much cut his deployemnt area down again. So he basically had to deploy in sections, cut off from one another. He had 2 rhino squads and a tac squad right. The landraider, rhino bikes and assulat squad center, and teh scouts and devs far left. None could support one anotehr.

The rest of my deployment went mostly opposite the devs and scouts. 2 helios units in the middle with 2 FW squads, and the kroot support the right most broadsides, while theres a HUGE firebase on the left.

I won the roll off and alpha striked. Bikes went away, 2 rhinos went away, teh scouts reduced to 1 model.

His turn saw one broadside go away.

My turn saw me wipe out the devs and scouts, which allowed me to cointinously shift left and around, making him come to me the long ways. By the end, I lost a FW squad, kroot, one crisis suit and 2 broadsides(teh last one would have died eventually). He had left when we stopped was his commander(landraider and squad died) 4 squads of marines on foot and anotehr below half strength.

The game would have been very different if he went first.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sarahism part duex

Sarah's standing next to daddy by the work bench. Sarah askes daddy "whats that?"

"Thats electrical tape, its used to fix things. Please dont touchor unroll it."

Sarah "ok daddy."

30 seconds later "Sarah what are you doing? Are you touching it?"

Sarah quickly rolls the tape back up, puts it down, and innocenntly looks up"Nope, not at all daddy."


Sunday, February 05, 2006


Driving to pick up my wife from work:

Sarah "where are we going?"

To pick up mommy.

Sarah "Do we have to? Can we just leave her behind?"

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Big trouble in Little China

But at least its goodish trouble.

So we're sitting around the dinner table eating and talking and I was telling my two special girls about a friend who was sending sarah a special gift, in her words, that "every girl needs for her menargiery".

So my wife responds hlaf way through through the story "which one of your women is it? I lost track of your girlfirends."

So. As I finish the story, and say to sarah, "your getting a present every little girl needs."

Sarah's response was "Is it a boy?"

I'm SO in trouble. The wise ass gene seed has been planted.

But at least I know I'm loved:

So another planet falls for the greater good shtick...

Played another game last night, another smashing victory by top of 3. Brought the camera, but like an idiot, never brought it in from the car.

2067pt gamma lvl recon:



commander with fusion, plasma multitracker.

3 helios suits
(fusion, plasma, multirtacker)

6 stealth suits, bonded

6 stealthsuits, bonded

3 units of 12 firewarriors

17 kroot

8 pathfinders, devilfish, 4 seeker missles

2 broadsides, bonded
sheildgenerator, shal 2 shielddrones

2 broadsides, bonded
sheild generator, shal 2 sheild drones

2 broadsides, bonded
sheild generator, shal 2 sheild drones

Space marines

command squad, tricked out(company champ and a few other odds and ends)

5 terminators, 2 assualtcannons

dreadnaught, assualtcannon

2 10 man tactical squads plasmacannon, plasmagun

10 man tactical, missle launcher plasmagun

10 man scout with a mix of weapons(bolter, sniper, Hbolter)

10 man assualt squad, Pfist, 3 plasmapistols


dev squad 4 Hbolters, razorback with Hbolters

Deployment(yes some of these are out of order, bu it makes better sense):

I lost so I had to drop the fist unit. I put a broadsides all the way right and up near the 15" mark. He dropped a whirlwind opposite behind the building. I dropped the second and third one all the way left in a building. He dropped the Devs middle in a building, and a tactical in a building in front of the whirlwind. All 3 FW sqauds in the big building left near the 15" mark. He deploys the missle tac in the building in front of teh Devs, while the scouts and last tactical across from the FW's 24" back in a ruin building. The dread is there as well, while the Command squad is next to the whirlwind. One stealth suit is all teh way left to the side of a building. Pathfinders are in ruins in teh center, while the devilfish is hidden behind a building. kroot infiltrated in ruins next to teh Broadsides all teh way right.

Didnt take the pregame move, no point.

His assualt squad and terminator squad are in reserve. My Helios, commander and one stealth unit are in reserve.

I won the roll to go first.

So what happened?

Turn 1 tau

Basically a shooting match, which I keep telling him he can win. Broadsides blow up the command rhino(teh explosion kills 3 in teh command, and one in the building). Stun the razorback. Kill 2/3's of the scouts. Pathfinders mark(7 marks) the Devs and bewteen seekers and Broadsides leave one left.

Marines turn 1

Taken back by teh events, he attempts to shoot the broadsides with the whirlwind. I correct him from last game and point out it be better to lay it on the pathfinders or something he can kill. 2 pathfinders die. Hbolter kill 2 more. and that ends his turn(random shooting at the right side broadsides do squat).

Tau turn 2

Stealthsuits show up and drop bewteen the scouts and my fire base. Shooting sees the scouts and remaining Dev go away. The razorback is immobilzied and weapon destroyed. random 2-3 marines die.

Marines turn 2

Realizing(and being told by me and another friend) he cant win a shooting match, he moves folward with command squad. the dread and the marine squad by the dread. Shooting sees the pathfinders brough to half strength by the whirlwind. The deep striking stealth suits get rapidfired to half strength. I lose 4 FW in one squad. All hold due to the ethearal.

Reserves see the assualt squad come in, and in a all or nothing move, DS them behind my lines, to get at the etheral. Scatter sees in move closer to my lines and he loses 4 guys due to placement. Bewteen them they killed off 2 shield drones and a broadside.

Tau turn 3

Everything else shows up. The Helios drop near the assualt squad, teh commander drops dead on right by the whirlwind. Whirlwind dies. Everyone moves closer to the assualt squad. Even at 10 men, 32 rapid firing pulse weapons, 3 broadsides, 9 stealth suits and 3 helios suits would have been more than enough. Dread gets railguned.

He conceeds. H just cant bring enough threats to bear to force a combat. I can deal with anything piecemeal.


Since I let him set the table, he really should have put up more terrain to hide and leapfrog. But he wanted LOS so he got it. But if he can see me, I can see him, and I have a longer range.

He again made the mistake of piecemeal. Once the Hbolters and command rhino were dealt with, there was no pressure to my lines. which means it turns into a shooting match I can win. IF both of the reserves had come in at the same time, I would have had more trouble. But I think I had enough guns.

I have a feeling he's learned his lesson, and I'll either have to deal with a rhino rush or a fast attack rush next time.