Monday, October 30, 2006

I blame Grandpa for this one.

Look, I'm a smartass. I know it, and chances are if I visit your blog, you know it. But this time, its not my fault. Really.

Picking up Sarah from Grandma's house this afternoon, she's in the driveway, riding her bike while chasing her uncle who is also riding his bike.

I get out of the car, I hear "daddy, daddy, come quick, I need help!"

So I come over, not really hurrying because it isn't an emergency. And she says:

"Daddy, quick, you knock him down and I'll run him over."

What?!? Wait a minute, I didn't teach her that one......

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Halloween preview

Our little pink dragon......

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I swear we don't need another child

Because Sarah already has a brother in all but blood ties.

Her best friend, a little boy up the street, they are literally like brother and sister. More importantly, they fight like siblings.

Like the ride to school, as we swap drop off and pick up, letting one parent do one, we'll do the other. I did so the other day, and it SO reminded me of when my brother and I were little:

Sarah "don't touch me C"

C *waves hands close, but doesn't touch* "I'm not touching you"

Sarah "C, leave me alone."

C repeats

Keep going until Sarah gets fed up and whacks him with a book. Then he complains.

And so on.......

Now, dont get me wrong, it doesnt all go one way, Sarah gets her digs in too.....

*they get in the car*

Sarah tattles "C was bad today at school"

C "sarah, dont call me bad"

Sarah "C was bad today"

C" sarah, I said dont call me bad"

Sarah "You were naughty......"

Its give and take.

So we don't need another child, because Sarah apparantly already has a brother.....

Monday, October 23, 2006


Blessed Mom tagged me for a meme. I have to admit this has never happened to me before, so this may be pretty interesting. Maybe TOO weird. I must confess 9 Weird Thing About Me. Are you ready for it?

1) I now have to pee sitting down at home, instead of the usual man thing of standing, otherwise I get lots of inquisitive questions like from a certain little girl. Or the fact she thinks its neat I make bubbles.....

2)I'm the Atypical man: I don't care for bars, I haven't been to strip clubs, I don't do golf or other sports(not that I cant, I just don't care for the stupidness that comes with it, I play with my brothers around holidays) or any of the usual man things: I'd rather play with my toy soldiers.....See here for one army of mine.

3)I play Dungeons and Dragons, among other games, and am a a roleplayer. Yes yes, I know I'm going to hell, Yes yes, I read the Jack Chick cartoon, its funny.

4)I have more books than you children have toys. Seriously.

5)Speaking of books, after painting the Library, I think I've been banned from picking colors and painting rooms. Much to some folks horror, I've got the library painted a nice bright canary Yellow. A BRIGHT yellow. With Blue sailboat drapes(from my mother).

6)I dream in color, and their very real vivid dreams. To the point sometimes I wake up with real emotions, sometimes to the point I cant go back to sleep for a bit. They are REAL. But sadly the details fade like morning dew as minutes stretch on. I could tell you one or two things now from last night, but not the whole story.

7)I can only sleep flat on my stomach.

8)I like to eat my french fries with with yellow mustard.

9)I have to have books in the bathroom to read, before going to bed. I can never just go and brush and go to sleep quickly. I need to decompress before climbing into bed.

10)I dont drink. At all. By choice. No problems with alcohol, just dont need it, eitehr for social drinking or to relax. I got life, dont need much more.

11)I'm a big kid pretending to be an adult. No seriously, I think the only reason I get invited to bar-b-ques and picnics, is because I'd rather go play with the kids, or organize a wiffleball game, then hang out with the adults and talk about the usual stupid stuff of medical prolems, which teacher or adult is a pain or the other stupid things adults talk about.

12) yes, I know its more than 9, but since I'm weird....

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sarh has a GOOD imagination.

She tells stories. Lots of made up stories. On the way home, the story went something like:

"Blah blah blah, and then there was this puppy. And he was cute. And then I set him on fire. And he died."


Look out world, here she comes. Just wait till I tell you the OTHER story she told mommy the other day.....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad news at Blackrock.

Kim's pregnancy is not going well. Currently in miscarriage. So say a prayer for us....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Today's Sarahism

Today, on the way the school, dropping her and her friend off, her friend had his Sniech from Dr Suess stuffed toy. And he was showing it to her and all, and mommy commented that see, that's how you share stuff with your friends.

Her response? "Mommy, I'm not in the mood to share today."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday roundup

Sarah is definitely daddy's girl. Has his nasty dark sense of humor.

Driving to Dance class, Sarah's using her imagination, saying "daddy, watch out for the kitten in the road."

My response is " oh yeah? *thump thump* oops, we ran it over."

*giggle* from Sarah. So then its puppies, dogs, babies, houses, signs and anything else she can think of, which we ran over, and she laughed all the way there......


So pretty much, I'm one of the girls just about anywhere I go. Its really odd, I mean, pretty much all my commenters are female, on other blogs I'm one of the girls, and apparently its the same way at dance class. While there is one other dad that comes regularly, he's never included in the talking circle.

Of course that's normally, I'm one of the girls there. Today, I was reminded that yes, I'm a guy, and they were reminded right back.

One lady JUST had her child, one is pregnant(4 months), and of course I told them today that Kim was pregnant, and the other two were not at the moment. SO the conversation went something like:

Them: "yeah, I mean men just don't get the pregnancy and stuff. I think that they should have to do the stuff I have to. If I cant drink, they should drink. If I cant go out, they shouldn't go out."

*looks at me*

"Its all YOUR fault."

Me: "Yeah well, you helped and probably liked it as well......"

Conversation moved along from there......Quickly.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coming soon

A small announcement, coming soon.....


Since 2 have already guessed, yes we think the Mrs is pregnant. The first test was a faint line 2 days ago. Yesterday's test was full on, but today the Mrs goes to the doctor so we'll have confirmation(you know, beyond the normal morning sickness and other stuff she's having).....


Edited again:

Yup, here we go again....I'll let you know how it goes, as it goes....

This is from my WTF files

This women needs her tubes tied permanently:

Short version is, woman uses her 4 week old baby to hit her boyfriend. Actually, she flung the infant in the air to hit him with it. Kid suffered a crack skull and brain bleeding.

What kind of whackjob do you have to be to do that?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Am I right to be a bit annoyed?

At her dance class?

I mean, I do pay the tuition, and the fee, and buy my supplies through there......So you know, I don't mind supporting the school, because its pretty good.

But I'm annoyed. They handed her a fundraiser, to raise money to build a float for the St Patrick day parade. In a different town than we live in, that we wont go to. Or participate in.

I don't mind raising the money for the school(they have a cell phone and ink cartridge box, that they turn in and get money for), to be used for something at the school, but I'm I a bit wrong thinking "ok enough is enough" for something that isn't going to benefit my kid in the school?


Saturady roundup

Sarah's running around the room, shaking her head. When I asked her why, she said the miniature tickle monkies were in her ears tickling her....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

And We are Back!

We sneaked away Tuesday and just got back Thursday night. We went away for our anniversary back to Great Wolf Lodge(see here: ).

We've been married for 8 years of the prison wonderous years.

This year, in addition they added something else: Magiquest. You buy a wand and buy the quest and its an interactive game of scavanger hunt. You wave the wand at stuff and make it activate, find items, get runes, and go on adventures.

I SWEAR the adults were having more fun than the kids at times......

It was great.

click here to see it:

Click magiquest to see what its about. The mrs wasnt wanting to do it at first, but she leaped in with both feet and I need to reign her in after a bit. She went of and bought sarah Pixie wings, wand toppers.....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend round up.

S it begins(you older mom's know what I'm talking about). Since Sarah started preschool, she got invited to, and went to her first school birthday party. Lots of fun for her, but I don't think its a place I want to have mine. Unless its an indoor one. Too hectic inside.

Sarah is trying to get attention by using words. Of course it doesn't help that's she's not using the right word, just the right context. She's running around and when something happens, she says "Oh shirt!" as oppose to....Well, you know. She said it three times in a row, looking up at me with a grin, but silly girl, I just ignore you and you stopped. You'll learn.

Speaking of learning, Sarah, and apparently pre-school is having a "licking" epidemic. Kids are licking each other. *sigh* It doesn't help she also learned it at our friend's house who watches her with her little girl......And her mommy finds it cute and funny. Another black mark on our friend's parenting skills. I like her, and her daughter and her husband, their nice folks. But we think they could use a call to supernanny for her little girl(or rather, as with every supernanny episode, the parent). Sarah got in trouble here at work for giving a small lick. Immediately into time out(I have lots of corners here), and then the tears started and the "I miss my mommy". Too bad I'm onto her game....It never works. I explained I understood, but you still don't lick, and three minutes in the corner. A good "I'm sorry" and a hug and kiss 3 minutes later and she's sitting in the back with a book and CD.

Speaking of which, if your child LOVES books(like Sarah) Books on CD are a god send! She is happy in this car or in a chair and happy as a tomato to listen to her favorite Doctor Suess or other stories, and $10 for a CD and Book is not that bad. And 5-12 minutes for a slow read story that they can follow(it has a *ding* at the end of every page), or not follow is great(2 tracks, one they can follow, one they just listen to.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Sarah has a small basket,and she asked me if I wanted to see a magic trick. So she put a toy down, and covered and said "ta-da" it disappeared.

I asked her if SHE wanted to see a magic trick. So I slipped my hand under the basket, holding the toy and basket, mumbled some magic words, and moved the basket(and lifting the toy) and made it disappear. Then set the basket and toy down at the same time, mumbled more magic words and made the toy reappear.

So now Sarah is sitting on the floor trying her damnest to duplicate the trick. No luck yet. Even asking me over to show her again. She hasn't figured out the slight of hand yet......

Crap and Double Crap.

I wasn't prepared for this. At least not this early.

Sarah got her first love note today. At church school. Little boy came in and gave her a note today. His name on it with a drawing of a flower. She kinda gave him "moon eyes" according to my wife, and refused to let her take it home.....

Crap. Now where did I leave my gun......